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ITG Rapid Assault Tactics

United Kingdom

Senior ITG RAT CCI's

left to right - Gary Alderman - Clive Whitworth - Paul Grist

Training in U.S.A.

Clive training RAT with Si Gung Paul Vunak


ITG RAT Instructors

Certified Course Instructors

Gary Alderman

Paul Grist

Michal Zielinski

Willie Rossini

James Bayliss

David Braid

Charlie Andrews

Matt D'Aguiar

Glen Shore

Mark Callow

Aiden Grist

Paul Starkey

Jack Barker

Ben Riches

David Burnand

Patrizio Sgarbini

Santino Sgarbini

Phase 1 Rapid Assault Tactics Instructors

The Instructors listed below have attended a two day Intensive Training Group Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor course.

These Instructors are currently training with ITG or teaching and are certified to teach the Phase1 Rapid Assault Tactics course but not to certify any person to teach Rapid Assault Tactics unless CCI.

Gary Alderman CCI

Paul Grist CCI

Binh-le Dang CCI

Michal Zielinski CCI

Willie Rossini CCI

Andrew Ingham

Paul Starkey CCI

Matthew D'Aguiar CCI

James Bayliss CCI

David Braid CCI

Jakub Konopinski 

Grzegorz Sambor 

Royce Sparks

Bill Philips

Charlie Andrews CCI

Aiden Grist CCI

Ben Riches CCI

Mark Callow CCI

Mark Rawson

Shaun Weir

Kevin Ball

Oliver Penwright

Jack Barker CCI

Rob Reading

Glen Shore CCI

Patrizio Sgarbini CCI

Santino Sgarbini CCI

David Burnand CCI

Lukasz Milczarek

Steve Maycock

Leigh Kelly

Harj Sohal

Stuart Brogan

Graham Tomasko

Kelina Cowell

Roger Hunt

 RAT CCI Gary Alderman

Full Instructor JKD/FMA


National and International Stick Fighting Champion

Assistant Instructor at ITG

ITG Rapid Assault Tactics

Northampton UK
Phone: +447810 777616